Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) - World Bank - Tajikistan

Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) by the World Bank, data for Kyrgyzstan

The Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) is the World Bank’s flagship household survey program focused on strengthening household survey systems in client countries and on improving the quality of microdata to better inform development policies. The LSMS is housed in the Data Production and Methods Unit of the World Bank’s Development Data Group.

Data on Tajikistan is available from 1999 to 2009.

The scope of the study includes:

  • Internal Migration
  • International Migration
  • Family Members Living Away from the Household
  • Preschool Education
  • Education (6 years and older)
  • Utilization of Outpatient Health Care
  • Hospitalization
  • Access to Health Care
  • Labor Force Participation in Labor Market
  • Overview Last 14 Days
  • Main and Secondary Jobs in the Last 14 Days
  • Activities over the Last 24 Months
  • Utilities
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Durable Goods
  • Transfers from Another Household
  • Tansfers to Another Household
  • Social Assistance
  • Subjective Poverty and Food Security
  • Coping Strategies
  • Expenditure on Food in the Last Seven Days
  • Nonfood Purchases Past 30 Days
  • Nonfood Purchases Past 6 Months
  • Nonfood Purchases Past 12 Months
  • Other Income
  • Household and Population Weights